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Important note: My fee is inclusive of all work to be performed. I do NOT participate in any "back end" payments, royalties, or other arrangements. My fee is paid for in increments over the life of the work. Each payment is made in advance and the total fee must be paid before the manuscript is completed. I do NOT work on speculation of future payments of any kind.

In many cases, the cost of ghostwriting a book can be tax deductible. (Check with your own accountant or CPA.)

Business Books
Generally, business books are not as long as works of fiction, life stories, or other non-fiction works. A business book is generally a “how to” format on a specific subject that you are either an expert in, or with which you have a great deal of experience.

Page counts for business books generally run from 120 to 250 pages for a variety of marketing reasons.

Fees for a business book start at $45,000 and up.

Fiction, Memoirs (Life Stories), and Other Non-Fiction Projects
Ghostwriting a novel, an inspirational story, a biography, or most other non-fiction works depends upon the subject matter, the length, the amount of research, and the time needed to work directly with you.

Generally speaking, these types of projects run to about 225 to 380 pages (typewritten). My fee for this type of work also includes a complete marketing package to literary agents and use of my proprietary database of worldwide contacts. (See Other Ghostwriting Services page on this site.)

Fees for these types of projects start at $80,000 - $125,000.

*Note: In some cases, regardless of the type of project, the above fees may include help in locating a literary agent for your project. Be sure to ask when you call or contact me.

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