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The fees published on this page reflect the complexity, period of time to write, word count, travel time and other factors associated with ghost writing a book. Shorter, simple business books cost less than full length memoirs or novels which usually run to well over 75,000 words. For that reason, I have published my fees in a range for each subject matter.

As part of our conversation prior to signing an agreement, you will receive a detailed quote for your book project.

Memoirs/Life Stories


$60,000 to $125,000



Business Books


$40,000 to $85,000


Full Length Fiction (Novels) 

$85,000 to $150,000



Miscellaneous Non-Fiction Books 


$65,000 to $125,000

Editing, Book Doctoring, Coaching

Pricing available upon discussion and review of work to be edited. Depends upon complexity and length. An NDA will be provided prior to that review for your protection.



Book Proposal 



$12,000 to $25,000



Working with Robert on “REVERSAL” has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences I have ever had. As a writing partner he caught on to the meticulous detail and twists that this story required and added color to it as if painting a masterpiece. He seemed to channel the characters adding things that blew me away of how the characters would talk and act, just from my descriptions of them. He coached me through the writing process in detail and taught me how the industry works. More than that, I feel we have created a bond and a friendship that will last a lifetime.




Mr. Don Fraser

Costa Mesa, California

Fees for book projects are billed in three advance payments commensurate with agreed word count broken into thirds.

I charge one flat fee for all book writing. This includes all interview time, and a full edit and proofing by outside editors after you have approved my final draft. Outside expenses include transcription costs, hotel, airfare and food.


2010 - present

2010 - present

Robert Bruce Woodcox

949-244-7880 PST

Robert Bruce Woodcox

The GhostWriter

949.244.7880  PST 

Based in Los Angeles

Working Nationally

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