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Though I specialize in memoirs and business books, as you can see from the titles here, I also write books on true crime, health and wellness, education, humor and novels.

Thank you to some of my clients shown 

here for allowing me to use their testimonials

and the art from their book covers.








 The Prodigy






 Behind The Smoke Curtain

The Last Bus Out of Shanghai




 The Golf Gods Are Laughing - Humor


 Life: The Manual - Self Help


 Wealth and Asset Protection - Finance


 Hope Heals - Memoir


 A Life of Optimal Well-Being - Health &  Well being


 Spark - Finance


 Emotionally Charged Learning - Business


 Nine Famous Artists Your Children Will  Love - Parents / Inspirational


 Murder In The Office - Murder True Crime


 Arguments with God: The Les Habegger  Story - Memoir


 Chasing Rubi - Biography


 The Mermaid Chronicles - Memoir


 Reversal - Memoir


 Memoirs of A Con Man - Memoir


 Don’t Feed The Bears - Business book


 Asylum - Memoir


 The White Bow - Memoir


 The Miracle Lady - Memoir


 Millionaire Moms - Business book


 Through A Father’s Heart - Memoir


 I Hate To Lose - Memoir


 The Cure - Business book


 Daughter, Wife, Mother, Me! - Memoir


 Taming of the Shrewd - Business book


 The Fortune Teller’s Birds - Memoir


 Vicodin: My Secret Addiction - Memoir


 You’ll Never Nanny In This Town Again      - Memoir


 Suelyn: The Me You Can’t Google  - Memoir


 The Little Red Book for Sales Managers  - Business

 A Love Letter to Jay  - Memoir

Boy Scouts of America - Legacy & History

Parallel Growth - Lessons Learned Raising a Child with Autism

The Burden of Secrets - Memoir

Madame Butterfly - True Political Intrigue

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then Let's Jump In - Memoir

The Vital Few Vs. The Trivial Many Business / Investing

Golf is a Family Disease - Humor

Criminal - Memoir. Insights and Confessions of an International Criminal

Up The Down Staircase - Memoir. From Chaos to Resolution in the Family Tree

Flights With a Parallel Presence - Memoir. One Family's Triumphant Journey Through Autism.

Storm Riders Edited

Enlightenment grows out of 1960s chaos

Owned an International Advertising Agency for 25 Years.  Bestselling Ghostwriter for over 20 years.

Robert Bruce Woodcox

949-244-7880 PST

Robert Bruce Woodcox

The GhostWriter

949.244.7880  PST 

Based in Los Angeles

Working Nationally

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