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Why Robert Anchor

Why Robert?

Ghostwriting is a unique 
and demanding profession...

As a good ghostwriter, I assume many roles while working with a client.  I must be versatile, compassionate, a good interviewer, a seeker of truth and a great storyteller able to capture my client’s emotions, memories and intellect. I must be a good writer, but even more importantly, a good thinker. (We only write as well as we think).


There are many people who can write well, even extraordinarily well, but that isn’t enough to be a good ghost writer. Because of my diverse background as a long time business owner managing groups of very creative people, my experience in publishing and sales, and my over 25 years helping people realize their dreams and aspirations in the form of 47 books, I feel I am uniquely qualified to be in the top tier of ghostwriting professionals in this country.



Interpreting the memories and thoughts of a person who is telling his or her life or business story involves a continual unrelenting clarity of thinking. It requires exceptional time management skills. It requires a tuned organizational mind, strong business acumen and a very reliable memory.

This is what I do.  

This is what I love. 

This is what I can do for you.


There is also a sort of magic to it all. With all the hats a "memoir" ghostwriter wears, there is the one intangible that is so important. That is the ability to see beyond the everyday responsibilities of ghostwriting to the magic of creating wonderful prose; interpreting someone else’s story so that it is them through and through while also developing a style for their story.




I give Robert Woodcox, The 'GhostWriter', an enthusiastic 

two thumbs up. His credentials are impressive, his integrity impeccable. Robert blends his creative talent, passion, and marketing prowess to assure a quality manuscript. Working with Robert is a remarkable experience; you will engage a brilliant mind that focuses you and your ideas. If you want your book to embody your vision, your search is over.




Dr. Frank Sovinsky

Tahoe City, California

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The Golf Gods Are Laughing Los Angeles Times Bestseller

Life: The Manual


Robert Bruce Woodcox

949-244-7880 PST

Robert Bruce Woodcox

The GhostWriter

949.244.7880  PST 

Based in Los Angeles

Working Nationally

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