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A ghostwriter who understands women's issues, concerns and triumphs.

I can help shape your story, from a true life inspirational memoir or legacy book, to a compelling marketing tool for your business, to a full novel.

—Help you organize and outline your story
—Ghostwrite your entire book in collaboration with you
—Edit, book doctor and coach, providing fresh insights and rewrites
—Help you publish your work
—I can be your total resource.

Your story can make an impact on millions of lives, or just specific
audiences. I have helped many women turn their business acumen into powerful marketing tools such as using it in conjunction with speaking engagements—but only if you get it written and produced.

Avoid the pitfalls of first time writers; know what the journey is going to be like, what you can expect to get from me, and out of your own history and ideas.

We need more female voices, not just for life stories, but to help lead in the business world and make a difference in the lives of women the world over. 

I would encourage you to look at my Testimonial and Library pages on this site to read what so many women have written about not only my work, but our collaborative relationship, honesty and experience. Of the 47 books I’ve written, ten of them have been for women authors in just about every storyline imaginable.

I am an advocate for women and I firmly believe that creating your book to tell your story can be a captivating, powerful tool for change.
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Robert Woodcox

Best Selling Author

Pulitzer Nominee (Fiction 2012)

Ghostwriter / Author

of over 40 books

Call for a free

consultation today!

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Robert Bruce Woodcox

949-244-7880 PST

Robert Bruce Woodcox

The GhostWriter

949.244.7880  PST 

Based in Los Angeles

Working Nationally

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