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As you might imagine, when I work on a book project, I sign a non-disclosure agreement not to reveal any information about the “author” or content of that book. However, some of my clients have graciously allowed me to use their comments and names. I thank them for their kind words. 

"What can I write about Robert? More relevant is what I wouldn’t write about Robert. We met not knowing each other. Never spoken. Me 10,000 plus miles away. But our minds and souls millimetres difference. And that’s the point. Symbiosis. Synchronicity. Robert took on the role of my ghostwriter and editor. To accomplish this to the utmost effect, Robert became me. That’s what he does. He takes on your voice, your syntax, your vision, your personality, your memories. And your language. Then hones, crafts and polishes it until it gleams. That is a truly mystical skill. Mystical and magic. No way would I have finished my book without Robert and I am confident we will find a publisher. Finally, that is the cherry on the top with Robert. You get someone with 60 plus years of marketing experience and know how.

Robert is now one of my very few dearest friends. Trust me when I write, he will become your dearest friend and consigliere. A confident and elder statesman of the highest order.


Mark Clubb

London, GB

"I was on a mission to find a tough and able collaborator, a skillful companion in arms to help me write a love story between a young American journalist and a Vietnamese student in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Robert was as passionate as I was on my journey. Together, we reconstructed 40 years of history, developed important characters and wrote a testament to honor and love a generation of young Americans and Vietnamese. Thank you Robert." 


D. Nguyen

Behind the Smoke Curtain

San Jose, California

"It takes a special kind of person, plus age/maturity and a good measure of wisdom and patience like Robert has at a visceral level, to tackle a monumental the editing and book doctoring, of our 800 page book, Storm Riders. His efforts were nothing short of amazing. Add to that his 40 years of advertising and marketing acumen and you have the consummate guide and team mate for any book project ghostwriting or editing" 


Bob Petersen

Investor/Finance Guidance Counselor

Newport Beach, California

"Here's a man who goes above and beyond the call of duty. From good writing with an unusual flair for capturing the spirit of the project, to giving guidance in the business of publishing as well. When I was lacking, his poetic license and strength brought my book to reality through his spirit."


William P. Hansen

Hope Heals

Carlsbad, California

"For over 20 years I had a story to tell, but didn’t feel comfortable trying to write it myself. I am deaf and my story was unique and when I decided to retain a ghostwriter and a coach, my main concern was that the person, who helped me, would truly understand why I wanted it written." I contacted several writers on the Internet, but all of them wanted to talk about money before anything else. That’s when I came upon Robert’s web site. He impressed me immediately by focusing on my story and my desires instead of his fees. Robert never viewed me as a disabled person (he is not deaf), instead he saw me as what I am, multi cultural and multi lingual—he understood what I wanted to do immediately." He has integrated all the things I wanted into my novel and in so doing, did more than write my book the way I have always envisioned it, he immersed himself in the deaf culture and my entire way of life. He has gone far beyond the call of duty; he could have simply written my story, collected his fee and been off to his next project. I feel blessed to have Robert in my life. He helped me realize my dream." 


Mr. John Egbert


Ham Lake, Minnesota

"Working with Robert has been a pleasure. 

For ten years we tried to write our book and just did not have the time or stamina. Robert quickly became a true extension of our longtime project, a biography. Although he was doing the heavy lifting on the main writing, it never strayed from being our book, told in our voice with our original purpose. The experience has been wonderful, extremely collaborative and the results, we think, are outstanding. Robert gave us an education on the business and also brought a tremendous knowledge to our project on publishing and securing an agent. We are so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with Robert and to have his skills in helping us tell our story. " 


Marty & Isabella Wall

Sherman Oaks, California

“Robert: I will be forever grateful for your coaching. You committed and accomplished what GREAT coaches do—you inspire, you push, you train, you confront and humble and you help. You did all this and more. Thank you for helping me build my H2G Revolution starting with my first book.” 


Shawn Cassidy

Carlsbad, California

"Over the past several months, Robert Woodcox has been assisting me in writing a full-length biography. I have made significant progress in this project, primarily because of Robert's assistance. He edits my material, corrects the grammatical errors, makes suggestions where necessary, and writes material where appropriate. And he does all this quickly and efficiently. I would recommend his services to any writer who wants to present a polished piece of written material." 


Henry Dominguez

The Forgotton Ford

Danville, California

"Knowing Robert, I would guess that he wished he played golf better than he writes. Sadly, this isn't true. Robert has a wonderful sense of humor and a real talent for stringing the right words together." 


Mr. Paul Conrad

America's premier political cartoonist. Los Angeles Times Syndicate. Three time Pulitzer Prize recipient and avid golfer. 

Palos Verdes Estates, California

"I thank Robert for his help and I enjoyed his assistance in helping an amateur writer become a published author." 


Brent Doonan

Murder In The Workplace

Witchita, Kansas

"Robert Woodcox came into my life when I had almost given up ever publishing my book. His availability, interest in my work, honesty, diligence, and knowledge helped me to finish my project and with his guidance and contacts, got it published and marketed successfully. I recommend him highly to anyone interested in writing and publishing a book, fiction or non-fiction." 


George Muzea, Author

The Vital Few vs. The Trivial Many

Reno, Nevada

"After much research, I chose Robert to assist me in writing my book. I am grateful for his unwavering dedication to my project. He has exceeded my expectations. He put forth a great deal of effort to help me find a literary agent. Robert has delivered work to me ahead of the scheduled contract. I know that because of his efforts, my book will be all that I dreamed of it being..." 


Susan Riley

Portland, Oregon

"It was a pleasure working with Robert. We remain friends and golfing buddies, even though his work is complete. He's inventive, original, and he did a good and accurate job with my life story." 


Mr. Tom Sowder

Successful retired businessman and biographical subject of Robert's.

It was an honor and pleasure to learn from Robert. I love his style. Robert's years of experience, integrity and character compliment the practical advice he gives perfectly. Robert’s insight and simple explanations gave me a better understanding of the business side of writing as well. If you want to get started in ghost writing or need advice on writing, thinking and great ideas, Robert is your man.

Maria "Miko" Faith

Ghostwriter and Author of Delilah's Debacle

Robert understands the art of collaboration so well he makes the process seamless. He is easy to work with and a true professional. He also cares deeply about the work. Robert uses his considerable knowledge and expertise to make projects successful and I would recommend him to anyone.

Karen Jones

Garden City, New York

"We had the distinct pleasure of publishing Robert's book, The Golf Gods Are Laughing 

(we've never had a book that's selling like this one) and are looking forward to working with him on his next effort entitled, Men in Trouble. Sounds like it's going to be another hilarious set of stories." 


Mr. Jim Riordan

President Seven Locks Press Publishing

Santa Ana, California

"I had a very emotional and difficult story to tell. I found Robert Bruce Woodcox through a Google search for memoir ghostwriters. Not only was my story beautifully told, but my heart and soul were healed in the process. He is very understanding and resourceful, as well as a great writer. His strong work ethic was just what I needed. And as a bonus, I found a friend many miles away—and right in the chair next to me, thanks to the phone and FaceTime. Thank you, Robert." 


Valerie Kelly

Chicago, Illinois

"I got more out of the last three conversations with you than I have all the websites and books on writing that I've read, combined. There is nothing like the personal touch and you have it. By absorbing your insights, I've been given a window on the literary world that was unknown to me. (And I'm a book editor!) You've connected dots that had me scratching my head for years. Thank you, Robert. You are the best value in coaching I've ever found.


Elaine Ash

Ghostwrite/Editor/Writing Coach

Long Beach, California

“Robert fills even the most mundane scenes in my memoirs with details that pull you into the story and amplify my voice. Every word has a purpose. Every detail propels the story along. What is amazing, is his ability to put himself in the scene as if he were viewing the world through your eyes, making you feel like you are there in the room. He’s taken my minimal descriptions and created characters that come alive—it's almost eerie, as if he has lived my story with me and met the characters himself. Prepare to be amazed as Robert is a meticulous writer who continues to revise and improve the story even after you think it’s already great. His work on my book is nothing short of a masterpiece: precise, captivating, relatable."


May Le

San Diego, California

I give Robert Woodcox, The 'GhostWriter', an enthusiastic two thumbs up. His credentials are impressive, his integrity impeccable. Robert blends his creative talent, passion, and marketing prowess to assure a quality manuscript. Working with Robert is a remarkable experience; you will engage a brilliant mind that focuses you and your ideas. If you want your book to embody your vision, your search is over.

Dr. Frank Sovinsky

Tahoe City, California

Robert is more than a ghostwriter, he is a source of insight and inspiration a real project coach. He has been able to draw out the best of my abilities and clarify and amplify my voice. I knew that Robert was a good writing partner, but I was delighted to discover his ability to manage complex projects and our monumental workload in a timely and enthusiastic manner.  I whole-heartedly recommend Robert Woodcox to anyone who is trying to raise the bar on the quality of his or her communications. A good writer and a good man are hard to find...Robert is both. 

Mr. Michael Napoliello 

Torrance, California

“Working with Robert is easy because he’s so warm and generous. He gives input in a thoughtful, positive way. He is an excellent teacher and experienced professional – the perfect combination for education or collaboration. Robert’s insights gave me not only a new perspective on how to look at my work, but also a better understanding of the ‘why’ of the changes. He encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and made suggestions to help me do that. I’m glad he did, it was just what I needed. I’m looking forward to working with Robert again and recommend him without reservation.”


Sabriga Turgon 


Ojai, California

“I’ve had two consultations with Robert over the years. Before the first one, I already had good professional bona fides including three best-sellers. Still, as a ghostwriter, that wasn’t enough to sustain me financially until I met Robert. After our two, two hour consultations, I put his advice to work and almost immediately, those efforts paid off with a sustained new work load. Those new ghosting projects were not only plentiful, they paid much better than what I had been charging. In short, after working with Robert, my writing career has really come alive; in fact, profoundly so. The interesting thing about Robert is that he’s a ghostwriter first, then a consultant. He’s ghostwritten 46 books and he knows what it takes to raise the bar on a ghostwriter’s income and quantity of work."


Bryon Laursen

Best Selling Ghostwriter

Santa Ynez, Ca

I/We very much enjoyed the collaboration with Robert on our Camp Wilderness Commemorative Coffee Table Book.  He captured the legacy and history

of Camp Wilderness through extensive interviews with key volunteers and stakeholders.  The layout, graphic design and personality profiles make the book a mesmerizing page turner, and bring the promise of Scouting and Camp Wilderness to life in vivid detail.  The impact of Scouting’s mission, delivered through the outdoor classroom called Camp Wilderness, is clear and emotionally stirring.  Camp Wilderness, and the many Scouters who provide leadership there, make a positive difference in the lives of kids!”


Roger B. Hoyt

Scout Executive

Northern Lights Council

Boy Scouts of America

"Robert is a true professional. He went above and beyond all my expectations. He listened carefully and then turned my words and experiences into the reality of a story. Even when his job was done, he continued to work with me on marketing ideas and to answer my many questions. He genuinely cares about his clients and has an obvious passion for his work." 


Kim Slotnick

Vicodin: My Secret Addiction

Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Robert helped me thru an emotional journey to write about my father. He made that journey interesting as well as fun.  I never thought I could accomplish the writing of a book, let alone one about my dear father, but Google brought me to a talented and patient man to help me bring that to life.  Together we created a book that I am very proud of about an amazing man. Now my grandchildren and their children can read it and know who he was and the legacy that he left behind.  Thank you again Robert!!   Could never have accomplished this without you!!!”


Linda Clark


"Your book is hilarious!!! I relate to your stories all too well." 


Rick Dees

Internationally syndicated radio personality

and single digit golfer.

Burbank, California

"Robert has the uncanny ability to “get into” your ideas and then to weave them into a captivating story. What an excellent job he did blending his great story ideas with my philosophical points. It reads well without calling attention to itself. Of course, commercially, it’s still a gamble, but I’m confident we are going to market with the very best manuscript that could have been done—way beyond my personal abilities. Pleasant on the phone, congenial in person — you’re lucky you found this guy. All I can say is, through the grace of God, I found the right guy to do this book." 


Mr. Bill Magnusson


Erie, Colorado

"Robert knows how to be your voice. 

Somehow it seems as if he was there in your story watching it happen when he describes people and scenes. He knows how to make your story sound better but still keeping it factual and truthful. He also responds quickly, usually within a day and listens to your concerns. He is a true professional. I wasn’t sure how this book would come together, but Robert told me to trust him, that everything could come together and I would end up with a book I was very proud of…and I am. He is an excellent writer and a coach and I am so glad I found him. You will be happy you found him too."


Steven Veatch

OK, Just One More Ride

Chicago, Illinois

"I am pleased that I have chosen Robert as the one to write my life story. Even though I did not know him, I soon came to respect him for his ability to make me feel at ease, to set an atmosphere which made it easy andrelaxed to tell my story. He is cooperative - which is important to me because he listens to my feelings. It is easy now for me to be around him and converse with him. I have come to like him and respect his abilities as a writer." 


Les Habegger

Assistant Head Coach Seattle SuperSonics - 1979 NBA Championship Team

"I was blessed to find Robert Bruce Woodcox to rewrite and edit my 500 page manuscript. Since I am Slovenian and do not write well in English, his was a monumental task. However, he transformed my notes and my memoirs into an incredible book (The White Bow). Not only did he capture the essence of my voice and story, he added so many of his own ideas and research that it now has a chance to actually become a best seller." 


Aleksandra Veble

The White Bow

Robert is a literary and marketing virtuoso. With his help, I was able (almost overnight) to increase my annual revenues by 75 percent. I can’t recommend his services highly enough!


Peter Gerado

Ghostwriter and Author

"The Prodigy"
Ghostwritten Novel
"Hope Heals"

"I hired Robert to give me a commentary on the book I have been working on for the past several years. It was worth every penny to hear his professional take on it. I believe because of his expertise,  he knows exactly what he's talking about to make my project better. Most importantly,  he delivers everything he promised in an impressive turnaround time." 


Susan Paley

Dana Point, California

My introduction to Robert was serendipitous, or what we call, “A God thing.”
I was looking for an editor for my book and one day, lo and behold, a friend parked
behind a car whose plate read: AUTHOR. My friend, knowing that I needed an editor,
approached the man who was getting out of his car. The next thing I knew, I was meeting
with Robert for his help. He was enthusiastic and wanted to know more. The result of that
meeting turned into six months of work on: Storm Riders. The Messengers of Peace That
Changed America Forever.
The story goes very deep into the spiritual, political and social aspects of the
1960s and ‘70s era. At first, I was unsure if he would be able to grasp the many diverse
concepts it contained. To my surprise and delight, Robert not only understood the story
but embraced it as if it were his own. He soon proved to be much more than a writer or an
editor; he was an open-minded, deep thinker, and for those reasons was able to adapt
easily to various subject matters and other people’s visions. He ended up not only editing
the book, but also rewrote key passages. And, with his background in advertising, he was
also able to create a marketing plan that I am still involved in. 
Robert has the uncanny ability to rewrite just one word or sentence and clarify a
paragraph, even a whole page. In my case, he was so light handed, often I wasn’t able to
discern his writing from my own, but I could still recognize that he had made my writing
better in many areas; it was smoother, move vivid and easier to follow.
I call him an alchemist/writer because he has the expertise, background, and
ability to formulate and articulate whatever he is working on to be much more than the
original intent while still maintaining my true voice. After many months of long
discussions while working together, I consider him to be not only a friend but a
“Brother,” and am hoping we have many more such fruitful experiences together. "

Ron Cecil

Storm Riders. The Peace Messengers That Changed America Forever

San Diego, CA

I had spent a couple of years getting my ghostwriting business up and running, with mixed results, before I met Robert Woodcox. He has helped me take it all to the next level in ways I never before imagined. Robert is an expert in the field and an excellent teacher/mentor. But more than that, he has a remarkable gift for encouragement. He has this way of helping you develop a big vision.


David R. Stokes 

Washington, D.C.

"Working with Robert on “REVERSAL” has been one of the most rewarding and fun experiences I have ever had. As a writing partner he caught on to the meticulous detail and twists that this story required and added color to it as if painting a masterpiece. He seemed to channel the characters adding things that blew me away of how the characters would talk and act, just from my descriptions of them. He coached me through the writing process in detail and taught me how the industry works. More than that, I feel we have created a bond and a friendship that will last a lifetime." 


Mr. Don Fraser


Costa Mesa, California

Robert Bruce Woodcox

949-244-7880 PST

Robert Bruce Woodcox

The GhostWriter

949.244.7880  PST 

Based in Los Angeles

Working Nationally

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