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Best Selling Author
Pulitzer Prize Nominee
Over 46 Books Ghostwritten
If you are a professional writer or ghostwriter,
you SHOULD read this.
If you want to raise your revenues dramatically, or want to become a ghostwriter,
you MUST read this. 

Robert Bruce Woodcox

Robert is a literary and marketing virtuoso. With his help, I was able (almost overnight) to increase my annual revenues by 75 percent. I can’t recommend his services highly enough!


Peter Gerado

Ghostwriter and Author

Consulting by the hour from one

of the top ghostwriters in America 

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One of the things many writers share, aside from occasional writer’s block, is not having enough work or money coming in. Becoming a ghostwriter is one viable way to change all that. Ghostwriting can fill many voids in your income stream and even become the main source of work and money if you know how to start.

My name is Robert Bruce Woodcox. I have been ghostwriting for over 25 years. Before that I owned an international marketing and advertising business for 25 years, so I was lucky when I started to ghostwrite, to have a solid business and advertising background—I knew how to sell myself and my work. Now, I’m offering you all of those 50 years of experience—by the hour, over the phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Sessions can be tailored to specific subjects or general information all customized to your needs.


Subjects include:

  • How to find ghostwriting clients and keep your sales funnel half full at all times

  • How to close a sale on the first inbound call

  • How to continually market yourself for pennies a day

  • How to collaborate with and guide a client through the entire book writing process

  • How to create a bullet proof contract (Mine is free to you with an email or call).

  • How to bill in advance for all your work, no more chasing invoices 

  • How to blend your writing talents, your people talents and a strong business acumen together

  • How to solve client/ghost problems and keep your clients happy

  • …and much, much more


My hourly fee is affordable which allows you to choose which subjects you want to discuss a little at a time (one hour minimum). I guarantee your satisfaction 100% or I refund your money. I offer testimonials and endorsements from some of the most successful ghostwriters (past and present students of mine) and I am fun to work with.


Call today and get my entire contract to use as you please.


  • American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) 

  • Writer’s Guild

  • Association of Ghostwriters

  • Agent: Gotham Ghostwriters, New York

Robert understands the art of collaboration so well he makes the process seamless. He is easy to work with and a true professional. He also cares deeply about the work. Robert uses his considerable knowledge and expertise to make projects successful and I would recommend him to anyone.

Karen Jones

Garden City, New York

I’ve had two consultations with Robert over the years. Before the first one, I already had good professional bona fides including three best-sellers. Still, as a ghostwriter, that wasn’t enough to sustain me financially until I met Robert. After our two, two hour consultations, I put his advice to work and almost immediately, those efforts paid off with a sustained new work load. Those new ghosting projects were not only plentiful, they paid much better than what I had been charging. In short, after working with Robert, my writing career has really come alive; in fact, profoundly so. The interesting thing about Robert is that he’s a ghostwriter first, then a consultant. He’s ghostwritten 46 books and he knows what it takes to raise the bar on a ghostwriter’s income and quantity of work.

I can't thank you enough. 

Bryon Laursen

Best Selling Ghostwriter

Santa Ynez, Ca

Robert, I love it! 

Just our one call has totally blown my mind and upped my confidence. I've been hiding from my business and from my own level of expertise, and that is OVER.

I can't thank you enough. 

Laura Schaffer

Orlando, FL

I got more out of the last three conversations with you than I have all the websites and books on writing that I've read, combined. There is nothing like the personal touch and you have it. By absorbing your insights, I've been given a window on the literary world that was unknown to me. (And I'm a book editor!) You've connected dots that had me scratching my head for years. Thank you, Robert. You are the best value in coaching I've ever found.

Elaine Ash

Ghostwrite/Editor/Writing Coach

Long Beach, California

"I've been a fiction writer and journalist for nearly 20 years. Spending a day in a one-on-one workshop with Robert recently was one of the best career moves I've ever made! He knows the ghostwriting and marketing business, and everything he covers is pertinent and very useful. He's encouraging and fun to work with leaving you feeling positive and inspired."


Ann Chandler, MFA

Author, Kootenay Silver

Ghostwriter, Journalist

Vancouver, BC

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"I had spent a couple of years getting my ghostwriting business up and running, with mixed results, before I met Robert Woodcox. He has helped me take it all to the next level in ways I never before imagined. Robert is an expert in the field and an excellent teacher/mentor. But more than that, he has a remarkable gift for encouragement. He has this way of helping you develop a big vision."


David R. Stokes

Author, Ghostwriter, Historian

Washington, D.C.

I can be reached at: 949-244-7880 (PST) or email:

Visit my website at:

Robert Bruce Woodcox

The GhostWriter

949.244.7880  PST 

Based in Los Angeles

Working Nationally

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